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MakersFinders Magazine Features FRIED RICE Designer MAYA

MakersFinders (IG @makersfinders) searches the world for inspiring examples of creativity and creative people, and then shares their discoveries in engaging imagery and stories. We are fortunate to have crossed paths with this innovative group, and are honored to be featured in their latest. Check out the full Makers2Know series HERE and see an excerpt from the article below: 

"Our first Maker2Know is MAYA, the creative director behind FRIED RICE, an apparel brand based in Lower East Side of Manhattan, dedicated to "the creative souls" and the culturally "mixed up" that live in their neighborhood and inspire them." We met her in the Capsule Show, "the premiere gathering of the finest apparel and accessories brands from around the world."


MAYA: Well first, I love fried rice. Secondly, we're from the Lower East Side of Manhattan. LES historically is a center for the whole world of immigrants. FRIED RICE is a sort of metaphor for the cultural and artistic diversity of the LES that has risen from that. All these simple ingredients mixed up together to become greater than their parts. That's who we are. We want to incorporate different kinds of urban cultural elements to make clothes that represent that diversity out in the world. We really try to look at the emotionally familiar patterns and fabrics in urban fashion but also try to add a global perspective to that."